World's first 3D printing platform for design products.

  • Founded 2016
  • 1-15 Employees
  • Platform

About Gantri

What do we do?

Gantri is a platform for 3D printed design products. We make it super simple for designers to turn their concepts to real products that customers can buy. To power the platform, we created a unique 3D printing process that is capable of making finished products (not prototypes) on-demand. Our mission is to replace traditional manufacturing with an automated on-demand process that is available to all.

We operate like a 3D printed "AppStore". We provide the design guides and frameworks for creating different types of products in CAD. The designs are submitted for us to review and prototype. Once approved, we start selling directly through our online marketplace. Once an order is placed, we manufacture and fulfill them automatically. Compared to traditional manufacturing processes, we save designers hundreds of thousands of dollars in upfront costs and months of lead time. The cost savings are passed to customers in the forms of a wider variety of high quality designs at lower prices.

We recently completed our first product category - table lamps. We are seeing tremendous interests from both designers and customers, with 5 approved products from designers around the world. We are planning on a public launch in the next few months.

Why join us?"

We are a small, multi-disciplinary team. We are vertically integrated, so not only do we build our own software and design our line of open-license products, we actually 3D print all our products from our studio in the Mission. This means you will have real ownership of what you are working on (and not just a cog in a wheel), while learning from engineers and designers outside of your expertise.

We also care a huge amount about culture and team dynamics. We want to create a dynamic and diverse work environment where people are supported in work and in life, and enjoy coming to work every morning. We get lunch together every day and have month social events to foster our bond.

How we hire?

  1. Introduction call (15mins)
  2. Quiz (20mins)
  3. On Site Interview (1 day). Including technical interview (2hr) and a coding project (4hr)
  4. Reference
  5. Champagne (!)
Model TL1, a Gantri design.
Gantri - Model TL1, a Gantri design.
Container by Alex Chow
Gantri - Container by Alex Chow
Our 3D printers
Gantri - Our 3D printers
Gantri - Studio
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Tech Stack
  • Node
  • Angular
  • Mongo

  • Snacks & coffee
  • Monthly team socials
  • Access to our 3D printers