To digitise and organise the world's receipt data to enhance trillions of experiences globally!

Founded 2016
16-50 employees
  • Digital Payments
  • Information Systems
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    Flux, Rise Building, 41 Luke Street London, EC2A 4DP
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    No. More. Paper. Receipts.

    Relying on pieces of paper to keep track of exactly what we buy is insane. To make it worse, did you know that there are more trees used in the UK's receipts than in all London Royal Parks?

    We are a Series A start up that digitises receipts to build the world's first API to make receipt data standardised and accessible. Why do we care so much about receipt data? It is used everywhere in daily life from expenses to loyalty, budgeting to nutritional tracking - the list goes on! All of these experiences have manual input or use broken systems. Despite how much receipt data is used no one has built a platform to make this data available. Flux is that platform. Our mission is to liberate the world’s receipt data because by doing this we can enrich trillions of experiences globally.

    What projects can I be expected to work on?

    If you want to work as a team to achieve global reaching goals and can get passionate about building the first infrastructure to digitise the world’s receipt data then let's chat. With over 300bn receipts printed annually this is a huge opportunity. You can be expected to work on:

    • Retailer and bank API integrations
    • Matching Algorithm - find and implement improvements to our matching algorithm that will allow throughput of millions of transactions per day
    • Build out Blueberry - Flux's merchant dashboard which processes complex analytics over large data sets in real time. This involves development of a GraphQL service that serves these stats and other data over websockets
    • New product development (e.g. displaying nutritional info via receipts, building a better returns process for retailers or improving our developer experience)

    What's it like to be part of our tech team?

    Our engineering team are deeply curious and phenomenal problem solvers. We are building a revolutionary platform that is on the cutting edge of technology and financial regulation. As an engineering team we all work very closely with all parts of the business including legal, product, sales and operations. We don’t believe in working in silos and make sure people are mixed up, starting with where you physically sit at our headquarters in Old Street London. There is no dark corner just with engineers!

    Our tech stack follows open standards and handles a large volume of transactional data from some of the biggest retailers and banks in the UK. These are processed in microservices. Our backend is written in Kotlin which is based on the JVM and our frontend is primarily in React. We use GraphQL and subscriptions to facilitate real time communication between the frontend and backend and deliver analytics to our retailers in retailers. The infrastructure is built using Docker and Kubernetes.

    Why join Flux?

    At Flux, we walk the walk when it comes to collaboration, transparency and respect. Our Monday morning meetings are an opportunity for the entire team to share the latest from their areas. This means that you are not just joining the Engineering Team but also become an integral part of Flux. You will be working closely with every part of the business; Sales, Engineering, Data Science and Founders to build incredible products.

    See our Life at Flux video to learn more about working at Flux: https://vimeo.com/302887685

    Interview Process

    We have 4 stages:
    1. 30min Phone Screen - Looking at motivation and technical ability
    2. Take Home Test - Looking at code quality
    3. On Site Interview - Live coding and whiteboarding
    4. Cultural Fit

    We try to run the process as quickly as possible and can get through the process in as quickly as 1.5 - 2 weeks, depending on how quickly the take home test can be done :)

    Tech stack

    Kotlin, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GraphQL, React


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    Flux - We work in a bright, modern private office at Rise by Old Street in London
    Flux - The 3 founders have worked together before and know what it takes to scale a big ambitious fintech company (they met as 1st, 2nd and 4th employees at Revolut)
    Flux - We have built a link that never existed before! The link between exactly what you buy (e.g. blueberry muffin) your bank card and your transaction statement with your bank
    Flux - We're here to change things in a big way and people are noticing, we were in the Financial Times recently
    Flux - One Team, One Dream
    Flux - We think company getaways are important!