BioConnect is on the Quest for Rightful Identity, empowering people to use credentials that are completely unique to them - face, fingerprint, eyes, heartbeat etc.

Founded 2010
51-200 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    109 Atlantic Ave #202, Toronto, ON M6K 1X4, Canada

    Who We Are

    BioConnect is a technology company with a fundamentally different approach to “identity.” Why? Because BioConnect wants to empower a safer, more efficient world by transforming the nature of authentication and identification... and without an identity that is rightfully yours, there will always be a gap in trust between organizations, places and people. BioConnect's technology makes it possible for people to use their unique biometric characteristics - their face, eyes, voice, behaviors etc. to prove their identity in both the physical and digital world. It's BioConnect's Quest for Rightful Identity.

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    Re-Defining Identity

    How many times have you lost your ID card or got locked out of an account because you forgot your password? That's because cards, PINs, fobs and keys, aren't really you - they are what we call Suspect Identity.

    With identity today, there is this inherent barrier between the real you and the things that say that you are you… which makes it pretty hard to truly manage identity.

    We want you to use your unique characteristics to verify who you are. Your face, eyes, fingerprint, heartbeat, voice, your biometrics. These are completely unique to you, cannot be shared, stolen or borrowed. Because it's your Rightful Identity!

    BioConnect Manifesto - What do we believe?

    We Believe...

    Every person on the planet wants to claim their Rightful Identity... they just need to know how.
    The Truth is powerful and scary... it needs to be said in a respectful way.
    That you must have fun with your work mates - Scooters encouraged!
    The employee/employer model is flawed.
    Work/life balance is overrated. Passion drives 'work/life blend'.
    That every employee can self-actualize at a great workplace.
    In breaking down barriers that prevent Rightful Identity.
    In taking chances, even if we do sound a bit crazy.
    In disrupting markets for the purpose of truth seeking.
    In providing a sense of belonging in our workspace and on our team.
    In writing our own rule book to get the job done.
    In building a culture that allows millennials to feel empowered to make an impact.
    In respect.
    In dreaming.
    In never giving up.

    Core Values

    Core values don't mean anything unless you live by them. These values were created by BioConnectors for BioConnectors and stand as a sounding board for how to live like a BioConnector.

    FORTITUDE | Fearless; Dauntless; Gutsy
    We stand with fortitude and make our decisions with a fearless attitude.

    OUTLIER | Dissenter; Non-Conformist; Maverick
    In order to Uncover Provocative Truths and disrupt the status quo, we are by definition outliers. People do think differently than we do by nature, but that doesn't mean its the right way of thinking. We must continue to stand true to our beliefs and compel the status quo.

    BOLD | Extreme; Hyper-Growth; Fireball
    We must always hold a hyper-growth mentality. We are bold and push forward relentlessly.

    Respect | Caring; Protective; Nurturing; Frictionless
    To balance our C.O.R.E. values out is respect. We are frictionless in everything we do. Frictionless means we are champions for "Respecting" our customers and partners valuable time.


    Health and wellness

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    BioConnect - We work in an open concept office space that inspires creativity and collaboration
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