Help personalize learning in K-12 and understand student learning with more than grades.

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
  • Education
  • Headquarters address
    10 Dundas Street East, Toronto, ON M5B, Canada

    What is Edusight?

    Edusight is a portfolio and gradebook that helps K-12 teachers capture data about their students' learning and understand how they learn. Teachers can capture learning using grades, notes, photos, audio, and video captured in the classroom.

    Used by hundreds of schools and districts across North America, we are one of Canada's fastest growing education technology startups!

    Our mission is to understand how students learn. We believe empowering teachers with the right insights about how their students learn at the right time is the key to personalizing learning and transforming K-12 education. Join us.


    • Launched Sept. 2014
    • 5000 users, 6% weekly growth
    • 140 schools and districts across North America
    • YC/Imagine K12 Fall 2014 cohort - best education technology incubator in the world
    • raised over $1.2 Million in funding to date

    Our Culture

    We have an unofficial motto at Edusight, “The Truth is Beautiful.” It speaks to what we value most as a team - finding the hidden insight or “truth” in data, recognizing the power of this truth, and acting on it. It reflects a lot of what we hope to help educators, parents, and students with. And even though the truth can sometimes be hard to handle, it’s worth pursuing.

    We value insights from data, transparency, grit, and outcomes. We're very flexible with our working style, and pair that with open and honest feedback. We go the extra mile in supporting our customers, and each other.

    We also make bad puns. Really, really bad.

    Tech stack

    PostgreSQL, Node.js, Go, JavaScript, React.JS, HTML/CSS, AWS, iOS (Swift)
    Edusight - Work trip to Niagara Falls for a conference!
    Edusight - We take playtime seriously (2015 team retreat photo)
    Edusight - Skating!
    Edusight - Team Christmas Card 2015