Verst is building a huge system to crawl, translate, and re-lay-out huge swaths of the web to be beautiful and performant on any platform.

Founded 2014
16-50 employees
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    394 Broadway, New York, NY 10013, USA

    The mobile web is dead. In the last year, the number of minutes on mobile spent in the browser has declined to 10% of total minutes.

    Why? Because the HTML / CSS / JS + browser model was designed under the assumption that everyone would be on the same 11" - 14" screen, would have consistently fast connectivity and that the client could execute JavaScript without interrupting the user experience. Those assumptions were short-sighted.

    What if the web was re-written; optimized for a world where we have highly variable connection quality and highly variable screen sizes -- phones, tablets, mini tablets, smartwatches, google glass, connected screens in cars, etc.?

    Imagine a world where the web is optimized for mobile; it's delivered extremely fast, it's responsive / immersive (i.e., natively executed) and intentionally designed for the type of device that you're currently using. Imagine a world where publishers can opt into that optimized multi-screen display with just a button press -- without migrating any of their content or changing authoring tools.

    That's what we do. Using content ingestion, automated layout, and ML-based optimization, we are recreating web for the mobile-first world.

    Verst has stumbled onto an incredible business model (completely by accident) that lets us tackle big technical problems, address big user pain points, and sign big amounts of paying clients. We have huge investors behind us -- Greylock just filled our entire $12M Series A round -- and an amazing technical team with talent from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Foursquare, and Tumblr.

    Don't be shy -- come meet the team and check out what we're building!

    Tech stack

    AWS, Node + React frontends, Scala + Finagle backends, iOS & Android native clients


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