Drip.com empowers the world's best creators by enabling financial support and connection on a recurring basis.

Founded 2012
1-15 employees
  • News, Media, Advertising, & Publishing
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    New York, NY

    10 years ago, our record label Ghostly International was finding success but things were changing. We had found an audience, but the way we found support for the artists we looked after was in flux.

    These were heady times for us as creators and fans but something was still missing. And we were in an unknown, even precarious business position as CD sales waned and iTunes was catching on as a new way to do things. As fans, we wanted a closer, more special connection to artists. As creators, we needed a more reliable way to ask for support.

    The idea for Drip came from the Ghostly fans. They asked us if they could subscribe to the label. They wanted to bet on our vision, to vote to sustain us, we set out to create a basic version.

    Of course, this was a time when many in the music business were running for the exits. But we started a record label from our dorm rooms with Napster running in the background. “Practical" has never really described us. We turned on Drip for Ghostly in 2010 and developed the product with the help of our most hardcore fans.

    In 2012 we began opening up the platform to other labels we love, like Stones Throw and Dirtybird with a deep catalog and consistent output. Today we have over 30 artists and labels on Drip. They are growing their audiences, deepening their relationships with fans, and experimenting with ways to build and engage their communities around the world.

    Our vision extends past music, well into the creative sphere, but we’re starting with music first because it’s the space we know best. We bring on every label with care and build the platform with their insights. Our community of diehard fans is growing every day. Drip continues to be a platform built by you.

    Tech stack

    Ruby, Angular, Postgres, AWS


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