Decipher Finance

Decipher manages all of your investments with the same individual attention as a wealth advisor, but with lower fees, consistent and unbiased quality, and a patent-pending investment algorithm.

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    79 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA

    Decipher is an early-stage start-up that wants to innovate fundamentally how people invest their money. Decipher goes beyond the current generation of robo-advisors to create a way for an average investors to manage efficiently their entire portfolio in a passive, yet ultra-efficient way. Decipher's algorithms are built on years of research in proprietary quantitative trading and utilize bleeding edge numeric research and technology.

    Decipher is in it's very early stage so as a member of the team, you'll not only have the upside potential that larger start-ups cannot offer, but also you'll have a meaningful impact on product direction, strategy, and design. As the company grows there will be ample opportunities for true innovation in large-scale parallel computing, data visualization, machine learning, big data analytics and person-centered interface design.

    Working at Decipher means tackling very difficult problems on a daily basis. And solving those problems do not have trivial impact like help to serve a targeted ad to convince them to buy another pair of sneakers, but instead truly helps people save money for their families.

    Tech stack

    Django, Angular JS, d3, NumPy, AWS, Spark, Postgres, Pandas