A nimble technology group in a medium size financial services firm.

Founded 1976
501-1000 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    181 University Ave, Toronto

    Who Are We?

    On July 2, 2019, Morningstar, Inc. completed its acquisition of DBRS. Combining DBRS' strong market presence in Canada, Europe, and the U.S. with Morningstar Credit Ratings' U.S. footprint has expanded global asset class coverage and provided investors with an enhanced platform featuring thought leadership, analysis and research. DBRS and Morningstar Credit Ratings are committed to empowering investor success, serving the market through leading-edge technology and raising the bar for the industry.

    Together as DBRS Morningstar, we are the world’s fourth largest credit ratings agency and a market leader in Canada, the U.S. and Europe in multiple asset classes. We rate more than 2,600 issuers and 54,000 securities worldwide and are driven to bring more clarity, diversity and responsiveness to the ratings process. Our approach and size provide the agility to respond to customers’ needs, while being large enough to provide the necessary expertise and resources. Visit us at morningstar.com/learn/dbrs.

    Our Mantra

    We firmly believe in the idea of setting the context, rather than control. It means being afforded the freedom to be creative - to venture out, rapidly build prototypes, and test for feedback. On the flip-side, it also means being smart about our investments, being scientific about what projects will have the most impact/value. We're big on team performance and collaboration, not just box-checking and getting "your" work done. We're passionate about using technology to achieve the firms goals. 2 of the 5 areas of investments mentioned by our leadership team at our global townhall were technology related. We all strive to be friendly, transparent, and collaborate. We foster our team members and encourage growth. Does that sound awesome? Come be awesome with us.

    What's On The Horizon?

    We've made a lot of investments in the past few years. Moved everything to AWS. Incorporated tools like Terraform, Github Enterprise, Domino Data Labs, Kubernetes, and too many of the AWS services to list here. But there's so much more to do! Come help make our services more performant and highly available, automate more of our testing and deployments, progress the migration to a microservices architecture, reduce run times of our data projects and predictive apis, adopt more of the latest data analytics tools, and determine what else we should be investing in!

    Tech stack

    Python, AWS, AngularJS, Postgres, Pandas, Jupyter, Apache Spark, Kubernetes, Terraform


    Compensation and retirement

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