We want to make it possible to build a complete scalable app in an afternoon. We’ll make it 100x easier to build applications and bring the ability to write software to a billion people.

Founded 2017
1-15 employees
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Headquarters address
    Market and Duboce, San Francisco

    We’re creating a new programming language, tightly integrated with an editor, compiler and PaaS, to allow engineers to build distributed applications using high-level primitives. We abstract away individual machines and low-level distributed systems code to:

    • Generate and run scalable infrastructure for you.
    • Use APIs as easily as if they were functions.
    • Remove the deployment step entirely.

    Less time spent writing code to solve infrastructure problems means more time writing product code. Existing products will improve more quickly, and we’ll have more new apps.

    We're currently a team of 6, and are looking to bring a frontend engineer on board. We're located near Market and Duboce St in San Francisco. Unfortunately, we can't accommodate remote positions yet.

    Our values inform the way we operate as a team at Dark, and we do our best to embody them every day:

    Impactful: We have a big mission, and to get there, we need to do things that matter. We even hired a customer to make sure we remained focused. We’re completely reimagining how we write software.

    Decisive: We err on the side of decentralized decision making, and we don’t interrupt each other on vacation. We work on something we know is important, rather than waiting for someone else to assign a task. When we make a mistake, we fix it thoughtfully.

    Collaborative: We’re a company that is made of people, not just employees. We care about transparency and collective accountability. We want to provide space for you to be your authentic self at and bring your unique perspective to work.

    Introspective: We aren’t perfect, and the company isn’t either. We surface mistakes and reflect on them honestly. Incremental changes add up, so we constantly work to make ourselves better.

    Tech stack

    Docker, Kubernetes, Postgres, Bucklescript, bucklescript-tea, OCaml, These are NOT prerequisites: we are happy to teach you


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