The Omni-Channel Strategy Platform. Built For Enterprise Retail

Founded 2001
51-200 employees
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    See why 50% of the top ten retailers choose CrossCap!

    CrossCap's retail marketing software delivers specific solutions in the areas of planning, execution and analysis of retail marketing strategy. Using innovative, graphical and easy to use tools, our clients experience complete visibility into their omni-channel marketing -- from future plans to historical campaigns.
    Within our modular system, clients manage every step of the marketing process from strategic planning activities (annual planning, budgeting, campaign creation), to execution (soft-proofing, versioning, message delivery) to analysis (archiving promotions, competitor media and lift metrics).
    With our core strength in retail, CrossCap has designed a platform that actually thinks like a retailer -- delivering an easily understood, implemented and utilized set of tools that drives benefits throughout your organization. We truly link marketing, merchants, replenishment and store operations to deliver efficient, on-time marketing execution.


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