Cohero Health

Cohero Health is bringing smart connected devices to the respiratory space to revolutionize the care of asthma and COPD.

Headquarters address
New York, NY, United States

Job Title: Chief Technology Officer

Company Description:
This position offers an opportunity to play a key role overseeing the technical implementation of a digital health platform. CoheroHealth is bringing mobile apps paired with sensored devices to improve care of respiratory diseases (asthma and COPD). Our platform consists of a smart asthma inhaler, mobile spirometer and gamified mobile app that motivates and rewards patients for improving medication adherence and improving their health. On the backend, our HIPAA-compliant server offers robust predictive data capabilities, as well as bi-directional integration into EMR systems. We are part of the global StartUp Health accelerator and based at Build Grand Central, a dynamic tech startup space in Midtown, NYC. Applicants will get the chance to work in an exciting, fast-paced, early-stage healthcare technology startup. More information can be found at

Position Description:
We are seeking an organized, hard-working individual to lead our software development team to build products across Android, iOS and our back end server. You will help architect design of our software, lead an agile release process, drive product and feature prioritization, and oversee development. You will manage our external team of software engineers to set the technical vision, guide code architecture, ensure quality of work and make sure deadlines are met. The applicant must have strong technical abilities to be able to evaluate code, along with project management skills to develop and stick to development timelines.

Primary duties may include, and are not limited to:
• Leadership of external software team to develop a high-quality, stable, and reliable clinical-grade backend server and applications
• Technical oversight for architecture, design decisions, and software development process
• Establishing project schedule, prioritizing deliverables to match the needs of the business
• Lead build-out of predictive analytics platform to optimize custom data reporting capabilities for customers
• Lead EMR integration project to ensure HIPAA-compliant bi-directional data exchange with Cohero’s server
• Lead expansion of iOS and Android app development
• Implement app integration projects through APIs and SDKs
• Meeting with customers and investors and answering technical due diligence queries

Desired Experience:
• 4+ years experience as a senior software engineer, manager, program manager, or architect at a major software company
• Experience with .NET development, Windows Server, responsive web development & modern Javascript toolkits, iOS and Android.
• Track record of shipping software, with both technical & project management contributions (mobile apps & devices a plus)
• Passion for health care tech a must
• Industry coding experience a major plus
Interested applicants should email their CV/resume and a cover letter to:

Melissa P. Manice, PhD
CEO, Co-founder CoheroHealth

Tech stack

.net, Android, iOS