Using behaviour to detect fraudsters and recognise customers.

Founded 2016
1-15 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    67 Jermyn St, London

    What We Do

    At Circadian we're building online trust solutions for Enterprises.

    Trust's ugly sister is fraud, and "Quill" (the existing prototype) recognises people from how they play with their mobile phones, silently generating trust scores / anomaly detections for the Enterprise.

    The medium is the message - how you say it matters as much as what you say - and, for this, we use behavioural biometrics.

    Our focus over the next few years is building out this SaaS model, and the following work streams will be in continuous states of development -

    • Data Harvest (improving the crop yield);
    • Machine Learning (better intelligence assessments);
    • Content Delivery (making consumption of intelligence gathering resilient, timely and cost effective for the Enterprise).

    We're targeting mobile-commerce first and are out there today building those sales and marketing networks and channels.

    Circadian is headquartered in London, with connections in Belfast, and Dublin. As we grow the business outside of the UK, we will turn our focus to the US and Europe.

    How We Interview & Hire

    You're thinking of joining a start-up, and, the single most important thing we are looking for is our fit together.

    We'll start with an introductory call to help you better understand the opportunity as well as to give us an idea of your motivation and experience.

    From there, we will run some technical screening - we'll likely bring in someone from our engineer crew - so you get to show off your skills.

    We'll also set you up with a broader interview from the business team.

    And, ultimately, we'll end up with an onsite interview to wrap things up and to make sure both sides are comfortable with each other.

    Core Values

    We're too young to have very formalised core values, but you can be sure that -

    • We love the behavioural biometrics space, and data harvesting, analytics & intelligence provision are our raison d'etre;
    • We're ambitious in our targets; and,
    • We're always experimenting, testing out new ideas.

    Tech stack

    AWS (Lambda, ApiGateway, CloudFormation, RDS, SQS etc.), Python, Javascript/Node.js
    Circadian - We've no dogs or cute kittens in the office, but we do like a bit of climbing at Circadian. 

Admittedly we're nowhere near as cool as this girl... but, as it happens, we do have really cool offices right in the centre of town.