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WE LOVE DENVER! If you would be interested in a new position within Denver - Let me know! Tons of IT jobs.

Founded 2001
1-15 employees
  • Human Resources & Careers
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    621 Kalamath St, Denver, CO 80204, USA

    We love stories about ideas that weren’t given an ounce of credence until they had flocks of followers; stories born on a bar napkin that went on to change history; stories of those who find their passion in the simplistic beauty of a singular line of code.

    Our business is about your stories; your stories of hard work, perseverance and triumph; the stories that are the fodder that only fuels us to forge ahead stronger and to do exactly what we do – exactly the way we do it.

    You see, here at BWBacon, we don’t look for companies, positions and candidates. We look for ideas that matter, for leaders to orchestrate them and for the raw talent that will stop at nothing in bringing them to life.

    We partner the visionaries with the game changers, the history makers with the loyalists, the rock stars with the ninjas and the extraordinary creatives with the unorthodox techs.

    And how do we do this?

    By combining equal parts conviction, good fortune and resolve.

    If you are looking for a Colorado technical recruiter who can identify with you, and whose reputation was proudly built one company, one person and one triumph at a time – you are looking for BWBacon.

    Tech stack

    Rails, Javascript, PHP, Node, Python, CSS, Data, Security


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    401k plan

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