We are BuffaloGrid, the mobile power and internet service for the off-grid world. Mission: connect the Next Billion. Works anywhere, available now.

Founded 2012
1-15 employees
  • Electric Energy & Natural Gas
  • Headquarters address
    14 East Bay Lane, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, E15 2GW
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    Our Mission

    Over 1 billion people lack access to reliable power, and yet 700 million have access to a mobile phone. For many, getting their phone charged and connecting to the network is a daily challenge. Without the ability to connect, these phone users will struggle to function in the modern economy.

    BuffaloGrid provides mobile power and internet connectivity to the off-grid world. To our customers in rural India, BuffaloGrid is a red box that sits in a village or shop, and provides a power for their lights and mobile phones. Using innovative hardware, renewable energy, and a cashless payment system, we're helping people living in off-grid communities to get connected and stay connected.

    Our Culture & How We Hire

    Our CEO, COO and CTO will be directly involved in the hiring process. We will typically hold two interviews followed by a chemistry session (see: coffee/beer) with the rest of the UK team.

    We look for people with deep specialism, but a broad understanding of systems.

    We are a mission-driven company, so we look for candidates who care about geo-politics, development and macro human trends. We are also very clearly a business, not a charity. We believe in the power of profit-driven ventures to deliver sustainable change.

    Tech stack

    MongoDB, Elastic Search, Postgres databases through Compose.io, Node.js, Azure, AWS serverless Lambdas, React, HTML5, Bash, Python
    BuffaloGrid - One of our agent's stores in rural Uttar Pradesh
    BuffaloGrid - Our workstation in the London office.
    BuffaloGrid - Team visit to the Design Museum to see the BuffaloGrid Hub, nominated for a Design of the Year award.
    BuffaloGrid - Ali, one of our agents in Karnataka, with our v2 Hub.
    BuffaloGrid - One of our agent shops in Baluru, rural Karnataka.
    BuffaloGrid - Anit, one of agents, with her v2 Hub, sitting outside her shop in Kununduru, rural Karnataka.
    BuffaloGrid - Chris and Daniel, two of our earliest team members, in Karnataka at an agent's shop, after a hard day of field research.