An easier way for men to get better clothes.

Founded 2011
51-200 employees
  • Retail & Convenience Stores
  • Clothing, Fashion, & Textile
  • eCommerce
  • Headquarters address
    575 8th Avenue #900, New York, NY 10018, USA

    what we do

    Bombfell is an online personal styling service for men and one of the fastest-growing startups in the country. In 2017, we were included in the Inc. 5000 list for fastest-growing companies (#218). We're building a powerful, entirely personalized retail experience that enables men to buy their clothing with confidence.

    Featured in such prominent publications as the New York Times, TIME, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and Vogue, Bombfell is backed by world-class investors with deep e-commerce experience.

    how we do

    We pride ourselves on blending best-in-class tech with expert styling, and have attracted an extraordinarily well-rounded team of both technical and creative talent.

    We've entered hyper-growth stage and are scaling our team to make a dent in the e-commerce universe.

    We've got a close-knit culture that prioritizes results, self-motivation, a diversity of viewpoints and open communication. We treasure humility and foster camaraderie. We've got hackers, fashionistas, marketers and ops all under one roof in an open floor plan.

    We eat (company-provided) lunches together everyday, have team-building exercises every 2 months and dismissively snipe about each other in our Game of Thrones fantasy league.

    typical problems

    We care about testing, learning and moving the proverbial needle. Here are some of the problems we tackle every day:

    We build cutting-edge tools and algorithms to amplify our stylist's efforts and deliver completely individualized styling at massive scale. From neural net algorithms to stylist performance metrics, we continuously push product to improve our service.

    We have to meticulously plan to ensure the right amount and mix of product to meet our company goals. We're building innovative technology that reinvents how this is done amidst a multi-billion dollar apparel industry that still communicates by fax.

    We receive and ship products every day at our warehouse and create streamlined processes so we can reduce warehouse error, minimize time on shelf and get the best and newest product to our customers.

    Returns are built into our business model, so there's a ton of product coming in and going out at any one time.

    What impact does a purchase in a client's first shipment have on a their lifetime value? How important is it for a package to arrive in 3 days or less? We're learning more every day about our users and what makes them tick.

    We collect data in every aspect of our service, from item feedback forms to NPS scores to cancellation surveys. We're pioneering new ways to mine actionable insights from an ever-expanding array of data.

    Tech stack

    React, Angular, Bootstrap, Python, Pylons, Nginx, AWS, MySQL


    Health and wellness

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    Values and quality of life

    Catered meals
    Bombfell - Company spokesdog Bogart clad to the nines
    Bombfell - We work in a sunny, open office in the heart of NYC (moving to a bigger and sunnier office in August)
    Bombfell - Working at Bombfell is a blend of art + science
    Bombfell - We eat (company-provided) lunches together every day
    Bombfell - Start planning your Halloween costume now
    Bombfell - If you're one of us, you'll like Moe's queso. A lot.
    Bombfell - Fashion industry parties are fun
    Bombfell - Photography is in-house so we hang out with models on the regular, NBD
    Bombfell - Karaoke jamz at our 5-year anniversary party
    Bombfell - Leather Jacket Day is a thing for some reason
    Bombfell - We're on a boat!
    Bombfell - Office meeting place
    Bombfell - Seriously, start planning your Halloween costume now.