Boatbound is not only making boating more accessible, but is changing the entire boating industry.

Founded 2012
1-15 employees
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  • Headquarters address
    435 Harriet Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

    The Boatbound Story

    The concept behind Boatbound was born when Boatbound’s Founder, Aaron Hall, was visiting his family in Texas in July 2012. As a family who enjoyed summers boating together, the Halls made it a family tradition to spend warm days on the water, and this day in July was no different. To combat the Texas heat, Aaron planned to rent a boat to take out on Lake Ray Roberts. Unfortunately, the marina had a very limited inventory of boats for rent, all of which were booked at the time. Yet, as Aaron looked around, he noticed that there were hundreds of boats sitting unused in the marina. Being an avid user of other peer-to-peer rental platforms, it surprised him that no platform existed to tap into the excess supply of boats sitting in marinas all over the world.

    When Aaron returned to Palo Alto with the idea of building a solution to this problem, the team decided it was time to stop working on their current project and get started creating Boatbound. Over the next six months, the team worked with the largest association in the United States, Boat U.S., to survey their members on the idea. They spoke to thousands of boat owners at local marinas across America (and received an overwhelmingly positive response). They also began building the first insurance program of its kind to cover Boatbound boat rentals to ensure a safe, protected experience for all Boatbound users.

    The surprising truth they discovered along their journey was that the average boat owner uses their boat only 14 days a year and that collectively, boat owners spend over $10 billion in storage and maintenance fees a year, with no way to offset those costs. Boatbound’s rental platform changes boat ownership by allowing owners to make money, instead of losing it. And, as it turns out, there are millions of Americans who don’t own boats that are eager to find a better way to enjoy boating without the cost of ownership.

    As Boatbound continues to grow and expand, we’ll keep adding new boats to our inventory and new opportunities for people in communities across the United States to experience the benefits of boating without the high price tag. We thank you for your support and we are excited and honored to invite you to join our passionate community of boaters. Ahoy!

    Join the Crew

    And be apart of something huge. Boatbound is not only making boating more accessible, but is changing the entire boating industry.

    We're well funded and looking to find talented engineers to join our team who are eager for a challenge, want to lead and leave their mark on the world.

    Life at Boatbound

    Each person that joins Boatbound truly owns their world. We look for people that want to lead, can contribute ideas, and help make Boatbound a better company and place to work.

    We love having fun and it shows. From a dog friendly office, to ping-pong, weekly team happy hours, and more, we believe that work can be fun. In addition to the fun, perks include free boating, health benefits, and a super cool vacation policy.

    Tech stack

    Rails 4, Ruby 2, Sinatra, SASS, HAML, Coffeescript, Backbone.js, Github


    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance

    Values and quality of life

    Catered lunches
    Boatbound - Boatbound HQ. We're still decorating, don't worry
    Boatbound - Team outing to an SF Giants game
    Boatbound - Eating oysters to celebrate our 'Oyster' sprint release
    Boatbound - Boat day with the team
    Boatbound - Getting our aggression out by shooting paint at each other
    Boatbound - Normally the ping pong table is being used for intense competition
    Boatbound - Kitchen is stocked with good beer and great snacks.