The Blackstone Group

Build easy-to-use cutting edge systems to create efficiencies and transparency within Blackstone and our broader community of investors and portfolio companies.

Founded 1985
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    601 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022, USA

    What is Blackstone Innovations?

    Blackstone Innovations, or BXi, is a lean technology team providing Blackstone with the fuel (information and tools) necessary to support its rapid growth. BXi is building some of the most complex solutions with heavy attention to design detail and ease of use. Equally, Blackstone overall is an entrepreneurial team of investors, always focused on the long term. We are committed to building value in companies, investing and technology alike. BXi has taken the unique approach of defying our industry’s norms by employing a product centric approach to solving all problems. Each team member seeks the same 4 key attributes as they advance their career within BXi:

    1. Having an Impact – In terms of headcount, Blackstone is a very cohesive firm and BXi is an even lean but highly skilled team within. Each team member is empowered with great responsibility and the projects they deliver have a material impact to Blackstone’s success.

    2. Continually Learning – BXi team members are the most curious and intellectual people. They crave innovative ideas and offer creative solutions, so we automate tasks and keep our technology current. To that end, we continually try new things and change course regularly to get the best results while constantly taking on new challenges.

    3. Compensation – It’s not always cool to talk about money, while we don’t employ people who only focus on final elements of the job, it is important. BXi has many of the perks often only associated with a young start-up, however, we aim to pay our team very fairly for the contributions we make and are a mature and robust company with the means to do so.

    4. Enjoy Your Co-Workers – We argue and have differing opinions at times, but at the end of the day our culture of openness and “best idea wins” always prevails. We are way more than just colleagues; we treat one another like family and always support each other (we always do what’s best for the team as a whole) as the collective success is what matters most. Additionally, BXi has a solid work/life balance with a large social scene.

    Our Interview & Hiring Process

    BXi is very selective in our hiring as we only want the best people to work here. We also know that the best people are hard to find and don’t want to be bogged down by a bureaucratic hiring process. We engineered our process to be straight forward with the belief that we both must interview one another. While we are interviewing a candidate, we also expect the candidate to interview us – know what we do, understand what you will do here, explore our office, see how people work, etc. As for the actual interview, we initially provide a tech test which takes approximately 30 minutes to complete followed by 3 or 4, 30-minute one on one interview sessions by both junior and senior personnel.
    By the end of the interviews, we hope that you have learned about us, what the opportunity is, and determined if BXi fits into your career plans. Additionally, if we feel as though you are a fit for us we will present a verbal offer quickly. We believe in being deliberate, fair and timely in all our decisions.

    The Blackstone Innovations Culture

    At BXi we are committed to excellence in everything we do. Every member of the team participates throughout the entire life-cycle of a project. There are no silos or walls preventing you from learning and growing to meet your career goals. We actively seek individuals who thrive in a high-energy, open culture and are thirsty for intellectual challenge. At BXi, we continually challenge the status quo and work together to come up with the best solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems.

    Tech stack

    jQuery,Knockout,Kendo,Highcharts, D3, Bootstrap, SASS, MVC 5, C#, Redis, SQL Server 2014/2016, BigIP LTMs, Compellent SANs, Cisco, Riverbed, Palo Alto, Puppet, Ruby


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