16-50 employees
Headquarters address
180 Maiden Lane, New York

Behavox is an enterprise platform that unifies all types of data into a single data lake, allowing users to query the data and apply machine learning to identify capital markets misconduct and insider threats. We are an early stage startup at two and a half years old, just under team members, cash positive, and live in ten enterprise client environments.

Separate Behavox installations form the network defense that aggregates misconduct detection algorithms. The network then uses machine learning and AI to optimize detection algorithms and suggest new ones. This innovation enables the “brains” to the system to continuously improve and evolve.

Complex, high-load and sophisticated engineering is at the core of all the products that Behavox develops to enable deployment at the largest institutions in financial services. We are taking cutting-edge academic research and applying it to enterprise problems that require complex backend engineering with large-scale production footprint.

Behavox - Team debrief in the park
Behavox - Hard at work
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Behavox - Company Photo
Behavox - Company Photo