The first buy-sell-ship marketplace for craft coffee

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • Marketplace
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    Santa Monica, CA

    The specialty coffee industry is big -- $25 billion big. But while 4 of out 5 cups of coffee are consumed at home, very few people are buying their beans online because the large majority of artisan coffee is produced by, well, artisans -- small businesses without the systems or scale to cost-effectively deliver freshly roasted coffee outside their neighborhood. Result: online coffee sales are small, coffee roasters are unnecessarily local, and coffee lovers are restricted to drinking what's nearby.

    Enter Beancraft. For the past year, with the help of a dozen LA-area roasters, we've been building and operating the "plumbing" required for roasters to ship their coffee perfectly. Now, it's time to grow their businesses by connecting them to an online marketplace that offers buyers a national assortment of craft coffee, delivered fresh to their door on their schedule, at the same price they'd find at the roastery. That's right, absolutely positively free shipping on every order.

    We're looking for talented engineers and designers who are open to the risk/reward profile of getting in early (pre-financing), have eCommerce experience (preferably with recurring/subscription ordering), and are passionate about championing small businesses and making great coffee more accessible. We're targeting a $500m+ online revenue opportunity and the chance to be part of the solution to critical economic and environmental sustainability challenges the industry faces.

    Tech stack

    Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Shopify