Aztec Protocol

Aztec is the open, programmable payments network on Ethereum. Since 2018 we’ve been building the next-gen private payments system to serve millions of unbanked people around the world.

1-15 employees
  • Digital Payments
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    The new internet of money is secured by openness, but at a high price — all your counter-parties know your entire financial history. Aztec is the ultimate security shield for the internet of money, protecting user and business data on Web3.

    Aztec’s renowned research team is the force behind PLONK, the lightning-fast standard in zero knowledge technologies. The team has brought multiple R&D breakthroughs to Layer 2 on Ethereum, and has deep experience of deploying complex crypto-systems to Web3.

    Tech stack

    C++, Solidity, TypeScript, Terraform, Web Assembly, CircleCI, AWS


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