We're a female-founded health tech startup in Finsbury Park. We use science, engineering and design to help people with diabetes make the best possible decisions about their care.

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    61B Stroud Green Road, London, N4 3EG
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    What we do

    We’re making a Class 1 medical device that helps people with T1D make better decisions about their self-care. Because it's 2019, our medical device just happens to be a mobile app. It learns how people do their diabetes self-care every day and gives them personalised advice to do it better.

    From a technical perspective, Quin is:
    * A solution to an undefined problem (diabetes self-care)
    * A native iOS-first app that relies heavily on gaming-like algorithms
    * Based on an extensible, event-driven, and reactive architecture
    * A high-quality regulated medical device
    * Released regularly, always incorporating user feedback

    Our Team

    We are building a core development team to make our vision a reality. Our dream team will be:
    * Engineers. Perfectionists with the pragmatism to deliver in an imperfect world
    * Agile, small and effective. Think collective ownership. No wall to throw things over
    * Unchained risk-takers who are not bound by convention and “state of the art”
    * Curious and tenacious. Excited to work in an undefined problem space (diabetes)
    * Driven to make life better for millions of people, daily
    * Generous. Walking in the shoes of others. No narcissists.

    Tech stack

    iOS (10+), Swift, Realm, HealthKit, Core ML, Xcode, TDD, algorithms, Agile, SOLID


    Compensation and retirement

    Pension plan
    Quin - Agile working
    Quin - Engineers. Perfectionists with the pragmatism to deliver in an imperfect world.
    Quin - Lovely people, even though we do say so ourselves. We're proud to be 86% #womenintech and welcome applications from anyone who thinks that this looks like a great place to work. We're not wedded to maintaining that percentage.