automotiveMastermind applies machine learning techniques to determine when customers of automotive dealerships are in market for a new car

201-500 employees
  • Enterprise Software
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    One Park Avenue 14th Floor, New York, NY 10016

    automotiveMastermind® set out to revolutionize the way automotive dealerships find, engage and win customers by successfully leveraging Big Data Behavioral Analytics. The company’s proprietary technology mines years of customer, service and market data to help dealerships better understand and predict exactly which customers are ready to buy, the reasons why, and the key offers and incentives most likely to close the sale. Our micro-marketing engine customizes the dealer’s message to fit customer’s needs and prepare salespeople to have brand-adequate intelligent conversations every time they interact with customers.

    With serviceMastermind™ we developed a unique Conquest Technology that will allow you to predict which of your service customers are likely to purchase a new vehicle now. Utilizing highly customized and micro targeted campaigns will assure that these conquest customers will buy from your dealership this time around.

    automotiveMastermind®’s core dealer team consists of high-volume sales experts and executives with an intimate understanding of the complicated automotive sales process and the unique pain points of dealerships and sales teams. automotiveMastermind® is proven to generate more sales, grow your business and increase customer satisfaction.

    Our Data Team is given over to optimizing our prediction technologies. As a member of the team you will be

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    .NET, C#, Angular-JS, Typescript, Azure, SQL-Server, MongoDB


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    automotiveMastermind - Johannes Gnauck, CEO