When sophisticated mcommerce marketers need to understand their app users – and then make that understanding actionable – they look to Apsalar.

Founded 2010
16-50 employees
  • News, Media, Advertising, & Publishing
  • Headquarters address
    480 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA

    What We’re About

    Our business has mushroomed as a reflection of the explosive growth in mobile marketing and mobile apps. Founded when the world of apps and app marketing began to take off, Apsalar has grown its range of services to help clients:

    1. Get smarter about how they use media to connect with prospects
    2. Motivate consumers to want to take action after the install

    We’re passionate about mobile and apps and fuel the fires of industry growth every single day.

    Driving Client Revenue, Profitability and Transformation

    From our roots as a free mobile measurement tool in the early 2010s, we’ve grown and evolved to become the premium mobile attribution and data management solution for sophisticated marketers who believe in the power of data. With a truly international customer base, we enable brands to leverage the power of apps to transform customer relationships.

    Here are just a few examples. We’re helping:

    …the world’s largest advertiser build an app-based community of new Moms.
    …a leading American retailer work make showrooming a force to welcome instead of fear.
    …Latin America’s largest sports media business dominate the small screen.
    …a Grande Dame of European media transform its business away from newsprint.
    …India’s leading apparel retailer – a company that actually closed their website because their apps grew to so dominate their business.

    You get the [big] picture.

    Our Vision: Mobile-First Data Management and Attribution

    Large brands need a comprehensive understanding of what their customers do, both inside of their apps and across all their marketing channels. They need to collect, measure, unite, control and enrich their customer data and share it with their marketing partners.

    We offer three core services that together create an end-to-end first-party data management platform that measures marketing effectiveness and empowers more targeted and personal marketing to consumers. Our solutions enable clients to:

    • APSALAR ATTRIBUTION: Measure app marketing effectiveness and collect in-app customer activity data that brands can’t get from conventional tracking methods.
    • APSALAR AUDIENCES: Create and manage first-party profiles, enrich them with third party data, perform customer analytics and develop audience segments.
    • APSALAR DATASYNC: Select and safely share customer data and audiences with the digital marketing partners of your choice, without the time and hassle of individual platform integrations.

    At the Center of Adtech and Martech

    In addition to a great client list, we’re partners with pretty much every media company you can think of in digital. Facebook. Twitter. Google. Apple. And more than 600 other publishers and networks. We also partner with leaders in data analytics, marketing automation, tag management, and more. Helping brands put the consumer first but making all of their marketing more data-driven.

    A Great Place to Work

    When you come here you get competitive comp, choice of health plans, dental, vision and a 401K. 15 paid vacation days to start. Our SF office includes a well-stocked kitchen with both healthy and decadent snacks. Free catered lunch on Friday including gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and carnivore options. Frequent happy hours. And with Apsalar, you gain experience across the entire arena of mobile, not just some specialty within a specialty. More than 80% of our team works on pioneering and improving our technology, so we can deliver outstanding products that make our clients loyal and happy. And at Apsalar, you get all the room you need to grow and make your job your own.

    Your Turn

    That’s us. Now it’s time to take a look at our openings. If you like what you hear, take a few moments to tell us about what you’ve done. And what you want to do next.

    Tech stack

    Spark, React, Flask, Python, Go, Postgresql, Messaging (Mobile + Data)


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