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Leading in Corporate Performance Management & Business intelligence

Founded 2003
201-500 employees
  • Enterprise Software
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    Palo Alto, CA

    Ever since our founding in 2003, our mission has remained constant: to provide powerful, intuitive solutions that empower both finance and the business to lead with insights. With Adaptive Insights, companies of all sizes and industries can plan smarter, report faster, and analyze better—transforming business performance in ways never before imagined.

    As a pioneer in cloud corporate performance management (CPM), Adaptive Insights has grown rapidly, with a singular focus on customer success. Today we offer the only fully integrated cloud CPM and business intelligence (BI) platform in the industry that delivers an award-winning user experience, unparalleled service, and leading expertise. We are honored that our intuitive solutions are powering the fastest growing and biggest brands in the world.

    Establishing a commitment to customer success early on required setting an equally high bar for ourselves—one that we continue to reach for each and every day. The result of this is a trajectory of success that includes strong financials, the best partners, the most customers, best user experience, and highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

    Innovative Technology

    Adaptive Insights' software as a service (SaaS) delivery model presents significant advantages over traditional on-premises corporate performance management software.

    Faster deployments: Projects average weeks of consulting time, versus months or years for traditional software.
    Greater ease of use: Our intuitive user interface combines the best of consumer applications with the familiarity of Excel, and is designed for business users of all types. This dramatically reduces training time, speeds adoption, and results in faster time to value.
    Limited need for IT: No new hardware, software, or IT support is required—just a browser and an internet connection.
    Automatic upgrades: All users immediately get access to new features, without the need for ongoing IT support.
    Lower costs: Annual subscriptions, rapid projects, and lack of IT needs keep both upfront and ongoing costs extremely low, and up to 75% lower than the cost of on-premises solutions.

    Unprecedented Value

    Adaptive Insights solutions provide extraordinary value compared to both spreadsheet-based planning and reporting solutions, and enterprise software alternatives.

    While Excel is ubiquitous and seemingly low-cost, Excel-based processes are surprisingly expensive when the costs of personnel time are considered. With Adaptive Planning, part of the Adaptive Suite, a typical midsized company or a large enterprise division can reduce planning times by up to 90%, save tens of thousands of dollars per year, and generate anywhere from 300-600% ROI, while realizing payback within six months.

    And the Adaptive Suite’s total cost of ownership (TCO) is a fraction of that for enterprise software alternatives. By shortening services projects, eliminating new hardware and software purchases, reducing training costs, and limiting the need for ongoing IT support, Adaptive Insights delivers a TCO that is 75% less than that of on-premises solutions.

    What We Stand For

    At Adaptive Insights, our values are the cornerstone of the way we work.

    We are one team with one mission, sharing information and ideas, and working together to achieve success!
    -Service and Passion
    With our commitment to customers, partners, employees, and shareholders, we apply the same energy, enthusiasm and care to all that we do and we know how to have fun along the way!
    As creative risk-takers, we consistently work on delivering better products, services, and processes.
    We value open communication and encourage directness, candor, and diversity.


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