ActiveCampaign is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Chicago revolutionizing marketing automation.

Founded 2003
51-200 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • News, Media, Advertising, & Publishing
  • Headquarters address
    1 N. Dearborn, 5th Floor Chicago, IL 60607
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    Since 2003, we’ve been focused on building the best marketing platform possible. Our emphasis on quality has led to continuous year over year growth. We now have more than 100,000 users around the world.

    Here, you’ll find a company that is focused on our employees, our customers, and even our customer’s customers — over satisfying shareholders, investors, or egos. Ideas are valued over titles, contributions are valued over appearances, helping a co-worker is more important than outshining them. It's a cooperative environment, not a competitive one.

    We’ve developed a great platform, but that’s only because we’ve developed a great team. Each of us adds a unique dimension and are valued as individuals. We get along, and it isn't because we are doing trust falls and fire walks at corporate retreats. There is an air of sincerity and helpfulness that pervades the company.

    What’s a normal day?

    It’s not uncommon to hear laughter, but there are extended periods of quiet as people become lost in their work. We rarely have meetings, so you'll be able to stay focused on whatever project you are working on at the moment. When someone has an issue or needs help, the entire team is there to offer guidance and give their perspective.

    There’s usually an interesting, gif-filled, conversation on Slack, we are treated to group lunches from Chicago eateries every day, and a small group might enjoy a beer after work and talk. We are located in the heart of downtown Chicago, so all the city has to offer is right outside our door.

    Where are we going?

    We are a growing company in a growing industry — it's exciting. There is a lot of opportunity here for anyone willing to work for it.

    In the future, we'll continue doing what we've been doing. We'll stay focused on aggressively developing new features, we'll continue expanding our support team to keep pace with growth, and we'll keep listening to our customers.

    Tech stack

    PHP, Ember.js, MySQL


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

    Health and wellness

    Insurance (Health)
    Insurance (Dental)
    Insurance (Vision)
    Insurance (Life)
    Insurance (Disability)

    Values and quality of life

    Catered meals
    Activecampaign - The ActiveCampaign Cafe
    Activecampaign - ActiveCampaign lobby and entrance
    Activecampaign - The Deathstar, our main conference room
    Activecampaign - A break space here at ActiveCampaign
    Activecampaign - One of the many meeting spaces at ActiveCampaign
    Activecampaign - One of our more relaxing corners of the office