To bring happiness and fulfillment to singles around the world by helping them find the perfect life partner. Currently already the largest Chinese dating site in North America.

Founded 2010
1-15 employees
  • Social Networking
  • Headquarters address
    7567 Amador Valley Boulevard, Dublin, CA 94568, USA

    Why 2RedBeans?

    When we started 2RedBeans, overseas Chinese communities had been growing rapidly around the world. Despite being a minority population in most places, they have unique characteristics that made dating online via other platforms not effective for them. In response, we built a tailored experience for users’ specific social circles so that they feel at home, cared for, and confident to present their true self. Since similar problems exist throughout many other social communities, we see a huge potential for growth.

    With hundreds of thousands of member visits everyday, 2RedBeans is already the largest Chinese dating website in North America, and we are growing internationally and expanding to related business domains. Our investors include Will Bunker, co-founder of Match.com, StartX, PreAngel, TEEC Angel Fund, and numerous other recognized investors.

    A red bean is a symbol of love in ancient Chinese. It's an expression of love and longing when given to someone. We wish to bring happiness and fulfillment to singles around the world by helping them find the perfect life partner.

    2RedBeans Team

    2RedBeans was co-founded by Q Zhao and Paul Lo.

    Q earned a Bachelor’s degree from Xian Jiaotong University in China at age of 19 and a Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering from UCSD. Q was named as one of the “13 Badass Immigrants In Technology” by 2013 Business Insider, the only female entrepreneur to make the list.

    Paul Lo earned a M.S. from Stanford and B.Eng from HKUST, a serial entrepreneur from Hong Kong and a foodie passionate enough to have created his own food discovery startup. Paul held senior management & architect positions at Yahoo!, and has also been a principal consultant at PayPal where he led a team to develop PayPal Wallet.

    We have an outstanding marketing team and a core product team with top-notch designers and developers. Our team members hail from a variety of places such as Tencent, Berkeley, UCSD, etc., spanning over North America and Europe. 5 of our team members have started a company in the past.

    More info about the team can be found here.

    Working for 2RedBeans

    We have a very open culture with creative people from all disciplines who care deeply about bringing happiness to other people and doing anything needed to make the team succeed. We frequently have team activities where team members can learn about love, social lives in different cultures, and fusing humanities with technology and business. We also organize many social events where new friendships are always forged.

    Our development process is extremely agile with team members sometimes delivering new features from conception to launch within a day all while working tightly with marketing and other stakeholders.

    We are currently looking for a senior full-stack engineer to join our team to build our new iOS, Android, and Web products. We also need another mobile engineer that is very experienced in developing iOS native apps. Understanding of Chinese language is not required for these positions but you do need to have a strong passion in what we are doing.

    Tech stack

    Rails, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, HTML5, iOS, Android


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

    Health and wellness

    Insurance (Health)
    Insurance (Dental)
    Insurance (Vision)
    2RedBeans - Our new office has a lot of open space with a built-in kitchen, a little library, and a gaming area
    2RedBeans - We organize many social events where team members can learn and make new friends
    2RedBeans - We love good food and often hang out together for a potluck or foodie adventure :-)
    2RedBeans - We hear about success stories all the time and feel really graceful for being able to help many people find happiness