State of UK Salaries Report

  1. How salaries in the UK compare to other international tech hubs
  2. How company size and work experience affect salary
  3. Where the major sources of foreign talent for UK companies are
Get unmatched visibility into the salaries for software engineers based on real offers made to real individuals.
Hired, the company on a mission to get everyone a job they love, has utilised its data to reveal insights on the market for software engineers’ salaries in the UK. Most of the tools currently available to companies and job seekers are highly inaccurate. For example, salary calculators don’t account for years of candidate experience, location or company size, while many job sites are based on self-reported data which can vary widely in accuracy. Hired’s data, on the other hand, is based on real offers made to real individuals.

Our inaugural State of Salaries report is one part of an overall effort to bring more transparency to the hiring process. We want to help companies recruit and hire with insight. And we want to empower candidates to approach the job searching process armed with information by helping them understand the market value for their skills and experience. We believe this transparency helps all parties, so that companies can attract the individuals who will drive their businesses forward and candidates can find jobs they love.