The Opportunity Index: Perceptions of Mobility & The Job Search

  1. Why looking for a job stresses 8 out of 10 employed adults out
  2. Why people leave their jobs & how people find good jobs
  3. How many employed adults would take a pay cut to be happy at work
To uncover why the job search — and hiring process — is so broken, Hired commissioned an online survey conducted by Harris Poll to survey 2,557 full-time employed adults aged 18 or older in the US, the UK, and Australia.
Technology has completely transformed the way we communicate, collaborate, and create. Every single aspect of the way we work, alone and together, has been reinvented by new technologies and business models — with one exception: Innovation of the way we find work is lagging far behind the innovation of the way we do work. Our hope is that these findings provide actionable insight for job seekers, companies, and hiring managers worldwide. By better understanding how individuals perceive professional mobility, opportunity, and job satisfaction, we can improve the job search and better match the right talent with the right openings at the right time.