Mind the Gap: A report on the UK’s technology skills gap

  1. Understand the four key areas where there’s a significant gap between skills employees have and skills employers want
  2. Analyze the educational landscape to better understand if the UK is educating enough people in computer science to prepare for demand in the years ahead
  3. Explore the compensation landscape to see if the UK is offering comparable compensation to other tech hubs, which is key to closing the gap

Mind the Gap

Over the last few decades, the UK has become the leading tech hub in Europe with the largest digital economy as a percentage of GDP in the G20. However, a recent study by O2 suggests that the UK will need to fill more than 750,000 new digital jobs by 2020 and train almost 2.3 million people to meet the demand for digital skills. To get at the root of this issue, we’ve looked into the state of the UK’s talent and skills base, to see how it aligns with the skills that companies are demanding to help their businesses grow. This report provides a unique insight into the UK’s skills landscape, and will inform the debate about what the UK needs to do next to maintain its position at the forefront of the global tech industry.