3 Secrets to Converting At the Offer Stage

  1. Move as fast as possible after an onsite to present candidates with offer letters.
  2. Don't wait until the offer stage to begin negotiating salary.
  3. Give candidates an explicit but reasonable deadline within which to respond to an offer.

Converting a candidate at the offer stage is critical — that’s no secret. But do you know how to optimize the time leading up to offer acceptance?

If you're in the recruiting industry, you probably have thousands of tips for closing candidates at the offer stage. But wouldn't it be great to have hard data around what actually works? This is where Hired can help.

Hired is a highly curated talent marketplace that's helped 3,400 companies close over $19B in offers. Through our platform, we've collected thousands of data points around recruiting and hiring, and have made some important discoveries about what actually speeds the path to an accepted offer. We welcome you to explore these insights contained in our downloadable whitepaper, 3 Secrets to Converting At the Offer Stage.