San Diego: Top Ranked Employer Brands by Job Seekers

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It’s true: companies are only as successful as their people. And in order to attract the best and brightest, today’s innovative companies need a strong employer brand. A positive brand reputation can mean the difference between a company maintaining an all-star team and consistently losing dream candidates to a competitor.

  • Insight 1

    54% of candidates consider company culture one of the most important factors when job searching

  • Insight 2

    77% of tech workers are interested in working 100% remotely

  • Insight 3

    39% of candidates consider benefits beyond salary one of the most important factors when job searching

Emerging Trends in Employer Branding

How to invest your resources in 2020

Local Leaders in San Diego

Top 20 Employer Brands

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  1. Qualcomm
  2. Teradata
  3. Viasat
  4. Dexcom
  5. Brain Corp
  6. Classy
  7. MindTouch
  8. Seismic
  9. Shield AI
  10. Tealium
  11. Wrapify
  12. Fairway Technologies
  13. SmartDrive Systems
  14. PetDesk
  15. BVAccel
  16. LabFellows
  17. Auptix
  18. MedCrypt
  19. CourseKey

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Getting to know knowledge workers in San Diego

What talent looks for in a company
  1. Company culture
  2. Compensation (i.e. base salary)
  3. Benefits beyond salary (e.g. healthcare, equity, perks)
What turns talent off from a company
  1. Not knowing enough about the company
  2. Poor reputation
  3. Not interested in the product

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Wage Gap: Pay Trends in San Diego

The pay gap is slowly closing

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Distribution of the Wage Gap

60% of the time men are offered higher salaries than women for the same job at the same company and companies offer women 3% less on average than men for the same roles.

Frequence of roles Wage Gap

Wage Gap in San Diego

In 2021, our data shows that women working in San Diego are offered 5.3% less than men in a similar roles.

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Knowledge is power

Strategies to ensure you're paid fairly

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Strategies for equitable tech hiring

How companies can battle wage inequality

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