The UK Tech Workplace Equality Report

As UK tech strives for enhanced diversity, our report reveals there’s a lot more work to do

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The current gender wage gap in tech is 4%

The gap between the average tech salary offered to men versus women is £3,000

67% of women ask for a lower salary than men for the same role

84% of all interview candidates for all tech roles are men

1 in 2 women have found they’re paid less than someone of another gender in the same role

65% of people of colour believe there is an ethnicity-based wage gap in tech

LGBTQIA+ women are 200% more likely to feel discriminated against than LGBTQI+ men

1 in 10 people in tech consider themselves neurodiverse

45% of non-white neurodiverse people have suffered discrimination versus 27% of white neurodiverse people

38% of the entire UK tech workforce frequently suffers from imposter syndrome


This report is based on proprietary data gathered and analysed by Hired’s analytics and strategy team and an optional, self-reported survey sent to all candidates that have used the Hired platform in the UK. The analysis of the proprietary data in this study was done using a combination of voluntary, self-reported demographic data and a classifier that identified the gender of the candidate based on their first name. The results were based on a candidate’s self-identified gender, if present, before considering the predicted gender classifier.

Only data from candidates with unambiguous gender classifications were used in this report. The survey collected additional data related to gender as well as data related to race, LGBTQIA+ status, neuro-diversity, age and years of experience in tech. The survey data is used only for aggregated research purposes and not shared with Hired clients. The salaries included reflect base pay only and are drawn from a sample set of more than 30,000 interview requests, 5,100 candidates and job offers facilitated through our UK marketplace of 10,000 participating companies and more than 98,000 job seekers.