The Problem with Counter-Offers: AlertMedia VPTA Christine Redd

Christine ReddVP Talent Acquisition

Hello and welcome to a brand new episode of Talk Talent to Me, featuring Christine Redd, vice president of talent acquisition at AlertMedia. During today’s conversation, she shares the story of how she learned the art of recruitment after getting her start in traditional HR. You’ll learn how her HR background has enriched her knowledge of talent acquisition, and why she finds her work at Alert Media to be particularly meaningful. We explore what it means to work in high-growth spaces and why Christine prefers this kind of environment, before discussing the movement towards choosing a career path in recruitment rather than stumbling into it after working elsewhere. Her goal is to offer every candidate the ultimate experience, and she reveals why asking open-ended questions is such a beneficial tool. We talk about counter-offers and employee happiness, before Christine offers some practical advice to listeners who are interested in roles in high-growth companies. Thanks for listening!