Candidates FAQ

General Questions

How long will it take for my profile to be reviewed?

Once you submit your complete profile, you can expect a response within seven business days.

What skill sets are you looking for?

Generally speaking, developers with strong knowledge of iOS, Android, Python or Ruby & experience at venture-funded companies do the best. Demand for specific types of skill sets can vary by geography. We have also had success with data scientists (typically with an MS or Ph.D.), and Engineers with strong DevOps skills or back-end technologies like Java / Scala. Strong front-end and UI/UX professionals with a good portfolio and technical proficiency also do well. We have less demand for .NET, Perl, PHP, Assembly, hardware engineers, and product managers, although we do allow a select few from these specialties into every weekly candidate batch shown on our marketplace.

What experience are you looking for?

We look for top universities and technical colleges or top companies (and ideally both). Don’t have those? A strong history of personal projects that demonstrate your passion for programming and eagerness to learn will be helpful.

What if I am not in the UK?

As long as you are willing to work (i.e. currently live in or willing to relocate) in one of our key markets, it is not a problem. Our current key markets are: London, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Seattle; but if you live outside of those areas and are willing to relocate we encourage you to try us out. You should note that all of the companies that use Hired expect their engineers to work full time in their office. As such, we do not admit engineers who wish to work remotely or who are outside of the aforementioned geographies and unwilling to relocate.

I'm just interested in seeing what I'm worth, is this the platform for me?

Soon we will liberate our data and allow you to sign up and check out what people in your geography, with your experience level and domain expertise are making. However, we will not be able to include you on the marketplace. The integrity of our marketplace relies on high quality talent that is serious about finding new opportunities. If that's not you, check in with us again when you are ready.

If I join the Hired marketplace, what kind of time commitment am I looking at?

For top candidates, participating can be time intensive. We recommend that you hold off on any additional job searching during the week your profile is live and visible to employers to ensure you have the bandwidth to pursue all relevant opportunities. Think of interviewing with 4-5 companies as being a part-time job. It will involve a non-trivial amount of preparation, phone interviews and programming time to make it through each job process - as well as onsite interviews that may require taking a day off from your current job. If at any point you feel your capacity is being over stretched, speak with your Talent Advocate and they can help you prioritise and organise your interview schedule to make it more manageable.

When will employers be able to see my profile?

Once you have received and accepted an invite to participate, your profile will appear on the marketplace starting at 6:00am British Standard Time on the Monday specified on your invitation. Your profile will then be visible to prospective employers until midnight the following Sunday, at which point that week’s batch will come to a close and your profile will no longer be visible.

If I accept an interview request, will I still be visible to other employers?

Yes! Your profile is visible for a whole week regardless of how many offers you accept. An interview request or introductory offer is non-binding and only indicates that there is a mutual interest between you and the company. Ideally, you will receive multiple introductory offers during the week your profile is live on the marketplace, allowing you to begin the interview process with several top technology companies.

If I decline an introductory offer but change my mind, how do I re-engage with the company?

You should hold off on declining offers unless you are 100% sure you have no interest. If it is simply a question of compensation or role, you should ask for a revision and explain your reasons, and start the conversation that way. If you declined an offer and realise it was a mistake, reach out to your Talent Advocate and we can facilitate the process going forward.

Should I wait until the end of the week to accept or decline introductory offers?

If you receive an introductory offer from a company that you like, you should accept immediately. Accepting only means that you will start the formal interview process with the company. You can still consider other opportunities as they come up during the week.

Do I have to take the job if I accept an offer?

Nope. Accepting an introductory offer is merely the start of the job interview process. It gets all the hairy details out of the way first so you can focus on the real question: 'Is this the right opportunity for me?' Once you accept, you'll go through a normal interview process where you will learn more about the company and if they are actually a fit for you. Accepting any given introductory offer does not prohibit you from pursuing multiple opportunities at the same time. Once a process reaches a successful conclusion, you will be presented with a formal offer letter and can then decide whether to take the job or not.

Are there interviews? Are they technical?

Just like everybody else, even after receiving an introductory offer through the marketplace you will still have to interview. Each company is slightly different in how they interview, but all of them do some combination of  technical vetting and in-person meetings. Typically, technical vetting takes the form of coding exercises, white-boarding / collaborative code editing, or review of past code samples. For the onsite meeting, some companies will bring you in immediately to meet the team and some will do a few phone calls first before inviting you to an onsite interview.

How long does it take to actually get a job?

As long as your schedules are aligned, on average it takes 10-15 business days for an introductory offer to turn into a final paper offer, with some small companies doing it much faster and some larger companies generally doing it slower.

I like the company but the offer is too low, what should I do?

If the offer is in the right ballpark (within 20% of your desired compensation level) and the company is of honest interest to you, go ahead and accept the introductory offer. Introductory offers are non-binding and can be adjusted before a final paper offer is presented. If it's clear that the company is not meeting your compensation requirements, 'request a revision' and the company will consider whether to re-work your offer or pursue other candidates.

My current company uses Hired. Will they be able to see my profile?

We actively hide you from any current or former employers. If you are worried about whether you are hidden from a specific employer, reach out to your Talent Advocate and they can use our system to address your privacy concerns.

Can I participate in the marketplace more than once?

Typically, we only allow each candidate to participate in marketplace once per job search. If there were extenuating circumstances, we will consider including you in a subsequent week. Our marketplace is very active, so if you did not receive a lot of interest in your first week it is unlikely you are a fit for the needs of the marketplace. Given the highly curated nature of our marketplace, we only have a limited number of spots for candidates and thus give priority to new candidates that have yet to participate.

Are there companies that sponsor work visas?

For candidates interested in opportunities in the UK: Many of our UK based companies will sponsor the work visa application of candidates who do not currently have the right to work in the UK.  However, this will vary from company to company.

For Non-US Citizens interested in working in the US: Many of our US companies will transfer work visas - typically an H1-B, OPT, E3 or TN visa. If you currently have one of those work authorisations or other transferable U.S. work visa, a substantial portion of our employers can sponsor you! If you are not currently in the U.S., hold a non-transferable visa like a B1, L1 or J1, or have an expiring / nonrenewable visa we will not be able to include you in an batch at this time.

I think someone changed my profile, what happened?

Occasionally, your Talent Advocate will clean up your profile in order to increase your success in the marketplace. Typically, this involves fixing formatting errors or spelling mistakes and pulling important details into your headline. Talent Advocates never fabricate new content, they only enhance and improve the legibility of the content you provide so that you receive the most interest from employers that fit your career goals.

I am a current student and will be looking for my first full time job in a few months, when should I apply to Hired?

The best time to join and complete your profile  is a few months before graduation. If you are graduating in May or June, then you should participate in the marketplace and start meeting potential employers in January or February. If you are graduating in December, early Autumn is best. If you think you will have a full time job offer lined up before then, you can submit your profile and we will consider including you earlier. Generally speaking, our bar for recent graduates and interns is very high so the closer you are to a potential start date, the higher priority you will have for being invited to participate in the marketplace.

Are there any contract, temporary or telecommute opportunities?

Yes, we have contract opportunites on Hired! Be sure to indiciate your interest in contract opportunities when creating your profile. If you are only looking for only remote opportunities, we are not a good platform for you at the moment.

I am looking to transition into a development or technical role from a non-technical specialty, can you help me?

We are not a great platform for inexperienced talent. You won’t find your first job through us, but might find your second! Given the limited availability in our marketplace, candidates must have a defined and proven technical skill set in order to be admitted.

What is your approval process for candidates and companies?

Both candidates and companies are vetted before inclusion in the marketplace. Candidates must have a complete profile and demonstrable talent in a desired technical field. Companies must be venture backed or publicly traded, have a clear need to hire, and be willing to provide compensation and role details in the offers they make on our platform. Much of our vetting process is qualitative with some technological guidance and a lot of touchpoints from our team to make sure everyone who's in the market, belongs in the market.