ThoughtWorks gains easy access to quality candidates via Hired

Hired was able to provide easy access to qualified candidates that were immediately available for pre-screening calls.
ThoughtWorks gains easy access to quality candidates via Hired

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The opportunity

ThoughtWorks brings together the most capable, driven and passionate people – they call them ‘ThoughtWorkers.’ Neil Casey, Technical Recruitment & Recruitment Change Programme Lead at ThoughtWorks explains that the team are currently going through some changes. “We have a lot of programmes going on to upshift capabilities and create more efficiency in our operations.”

Finding the right tools to help drive your recruitment strategy can be problematic and a little time consuming to say the least. “Having trialled a variety of platforms, I’ve found that they have never quite provided what we needed to source good technical talent.”

ThoughtWorks turns to Hired

Hired was introduced to Neil through a team member who had previously used Hired. “For me, Hired was a no-brainer. We’ve always seen positive results.” In particular, Neil liked that Hired was able to provide easy access to qualified candidates that were immediately available for pre-screening calls. “Hired allows me to make those calls in a quick and efficient way.” Getting candidates into the pipeline quickly was something that Neil and his team were eager to accomplish. “As we started to use Hired, we saw a high velocity of candidates enter our pipeline.”

I love the interface and usability of Hired, the ease of switching through jobs and the easy access to a concentrated pool of candidates. We’re looking to bring on 5,000 more ThoughtWorkers in the next three years, we need to have readily available candidates to support our success.

Neil Casey

Technical Recruitment & Recruitment Change Programme Lead

How Hired helps

So far this year, ThoughtWorks have placed or offered 14 candidates via Hired. “I can work my day quite confidently knowing the quality of candidates I’m going to get from Hired.” The simplicity of using Hired during your working day means that you shouldn’t need to spend more than fifteen minutes on the platform daily. “Hired allows me to make my calls in an efficient way.” For some, having a higher conversion rate ultimately results in more administrative tasks. “As an engine based on driving activity through data, I have to make (on average) 8 calls for every hire.” However, with Hired you have the ability to reach out to multiple candidates at the same time, saving you time and improving efficiency.

Having a continuous need to fill your pipeline with quality candidates can be a constant struggle. “We’re looking to globally scale our team of 5,000 to 10,000 over the next three years. Having been in the industry for 25 years, ThoughtWorks is growing rapidly and we need a resourceful recruitment solution to support us and that’s where Hired comes in.” Hired attracts over 70,000 candidates to the platform weekly, however on average, only the top 5% of profiles are selected to make up Hired’s marketplace. Neil discussed “I can definitely see the value in Hired as not only does it provide volume but it also is an incredible sourcing tool for top tier talent.” Unlike other recruitment marketplaces, Hired is able to support the qualitative needs of a client, ensuring that all candidates meet the standards required.

As well as providing a self-service platform, Hired is committed to providing 1:1 support to ensure clients get the most out of their subscription. Neil shared, “The team at Hired do a fantastic job in helping us to manage our profile. We have an open communication and they are constantly updating and advising us on the best candidates available.”

Level up recruiting efforts with Hired

45+ hours saved per hire

90% average candidate response rate

35 average days to hire