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I can do everything on my own schedule. From picking out interview time slots to selecting only the companies I want to interview with, this is what recruiting should look like.
Joseph G.
Software Engineer
I've never felt so taken care of by a recruiter in my life. Saying my Talent Advocate goes above and beyond is an understatement. She clearly loves what she does, and that devotion is absolutely contagious.
Jorge S.
UX Designer
Finding a new job is tedious and stressful. Working with Hired meant multiple companies that were a good fit were looking to hire me.
Dipika M.
Software Engineer
With Hired, companies were highly responsive and moved through the process very quickly. I never had to wait more than a couple days to hear back from anyone.
Noah S.
Software Engineer
Hired is the absolute best way to find a tech or design job. Having a person dedicated to you is very helpful. My Talent Advocate helped me through every step of the process, including negotiating offers and deciding which offer was right for me.
Malcolm D.
Senior UX Designer

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