How Hired brings quality & speed to Zillow's engineering hiring

Hired helped improve Zillow's hiring process by curating top tech talent for their pipeline.
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My experience with Hired has been fantastic. The candidates on Hired are very well vetted and I can put these candidates into process much quicker than I would for a candidate who is passively searching... Hired brings quality and speed. That's the difference.

joe vo

Joe Vo

Sr Technical Recruiter

Hired talks diversity in tech with Zillow

Through a virtual candidate event, Hired allowed Zillow to showcase itself as a top employer that values workplace diversity. The event helped Zillow achieve its goals of highlighting representation, modeling career progression, sharing how the company values embody inclusion, and discussing how employees from all backgrounds are welcomed and acknowledged. Hired successfully brought in 306 registrations after zeroing in on Zillow’s target audience of Mobile Developers in major US cities with 3+ years of experience. One moderator and three panelists drove the event discussion, which successfully engaged attendees — 49 questions were asked in the live Q&A! As a result of this event, Hired directed more qualified candidates to Zillow. In total, 74 attendees became candidates and 84% of attendees opted in to learn more about life at Zillow, proving this candidate event supported the employer brand while filling the talent pipeline.

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