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Capital Rx partners with Hired to build engaged and experienced sales and engineering teams

Capital Rx partners with Hired to build engaged and experienced sales and engineering teams



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About Capital Rx:

Capital Rx is building the future of pharmacy benefits – challenging the status quo and current landscape of their industry. To remain a leading startup in the pharmacy benefit management space, Capital Rx needs top talent – experienced, ambitious, passionate, and genuine people, who truly want to be at the forefront of change.

Gurjeet Kashyap

I love that the Hired team likes to check-in and help move offers/ responses along when we otherwise are at a bit of a stopping point with candidates. They serve as an extension of our Talent Acquisition team! Hired is a regular go-to resource for us for all things technical hiring! Some of our earliest joiners are from Hired — across our Sales & Software Development teams! We continue to use Hired to ensure we have access to technical talent as we grow and scale our business.

Gurjeet Kashyap

Senior VP of People Operations

The Opportunity:

Unhindered by COVID-19, Capital Rx has continued to grow at an accelerated pace over the past year. Capital Rx ended 2019 with 44 employees and currently over 100 employees in 2021, a 236.36% increase in growth. Realizing their hiring needs were not slowing down, Capital Rx needed a fast pace and a low-cost hiring solution to keep their talent pipeline full in order to scale their teams for their next era of growth.

How Hired Helps:

With Hired, Capital Rx has been able to expand their talent pipeline and gain access to tech talent they otherwise might not have been connected with. By using Hired to search by skill, industry, and role, Capital Rx has smartly sourced tech talent and has seen a 100% increase in their placements on our platform. Just in the past year alone, Capital Rx hiring managers have been able to recruit five top-notch developers in less than six months. Capital Rx continues to leverage Hired to keep the best tech talent in their pipeline.

As Capital Rx’s hiring needs continue to change, Hired’s account management team will be there to support them every step of the way. With Hired, Capital Rx is able to hire smartly and efficiently by filling their pipeline with top talent who can help them in their goal of redefining prescriptions.

Hired Hosts the Capital Rx Coding Challenge:

After working with Hired to successfully expand its talent pipeline, Capital Rx opted in to accelerate its talent pipeline with Hired Events. Seeking mid-senior and entry-level software engineering talent (full stack, front-end, and back-end) based in the US and/or remote, Capital Rx targeted these candidates with a coding challenge from Hired. The challenge prompted top talent to prove their coding challenge to Capital Rx, which sought 150-200 takers. Hired exceeded this goal, bringing in 300 participants! Over 100 takers, scored 80% or above. The challenge successfully promoted employer brand awareness and spiked Capital Rx’s pipeline to meet aggressive hiring goals. 

Capital Rx partners with Hired to build engaged and experienced sales and engineering teams


  • Health Care Technology

Employees & HQ

  • 51-200
  • New York, NY, US

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