Hired helps Unite Us connect with and source high-quality tech talent

To gain the competitive edge they need, Unite Us found Hired to be an effective tool for personalizing communication with candidates.

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The opportunity

As a growing company, Unite Us needed to overcome challenges around brand awareness and finding an effective touchpoint.

Jessica Paddock, Sr Dir Recruiting, says “it’s been very helpful with Hired being able to connect with candidates. As soon as they hear about us or our mission, it’s an easier sell.”

Beyond connecting, Unite Us needed a partner to get candidates to the finish line.

Desteny Callahan, Technical Recruiting Manager, says “Hired does this really well. There is transparency even before you have a conversation to align with a candidate and flesh out expectations. When you jump into that first call with the candidate, it’s easy to focus on what’s important to them and how the role embodies what they’re looking for. Hired helps us close every conversation.”

Specifically seeking top talent, Jessica noted “with other strategies or tools, the quality is sometimes the problem—finding the right candidates, especially for niche roles. What’s made Hired the gold standard in partnerships is they deliver. You can look at the metrics—it is a great value.”

I go to Hired before I do anything else—before LinkedIn or even before applicants because I know there's so much quality and so much value. I definitely think with Hired, I have seen an influx of more skill sets and qualified candidates per skill set… It should be everyone's first tool.

Desteny Callahan

Desteny Callahan

Technical Recruiting Manager

How Hired helps

Now an essential in the Unite Us recruiter toolkit, Cameron Cooper, Sr Technical Recruiter, says, “It’s so intuitive to use and it’s the first place I go when trying to find talent. With the ease of use and swiftness of the system, you can easily get talent within a minute and with the transparency, easily start outreach and see the best match for the opportunity.”

To gain the competitive edge they need, Unite Us found Hired to be an effective tool for personalizing communication with candidates. This facilitated engagement, ultimately leading to a strong interview acceptance rate.

Cameron finds the amount of information on Hired he gets upfront is a key factor in being able to “tailor a really good outreach message. Hired puts all their information at your fingertips so it can be as personalized as possible.”

With an average time-to-hire of 33 days, it was clear Hired helped drive an efficient process.

Jessica sees Hired “light a fire under hiring managers too because it is sometimes easy as the receiver of applicants to think you’re in the driver’s seat.

Hired makes it clear where people are interviewing and that they’re active. It’s a really helpful relationship tool to level set: you’re shopping, we’re shopping, and we both want this. Once we engage with candidates, being able to run and deliver is helpful for both them and our company.”

Customer success team makes the difference

In addition to impressive results, the Unite Us team finds added value in their partnership with Hired thanks to exceptional customer service.

Cameron says Hired “being hands-on is second to none compared to other vendors. With the ease of use if we run into an issue and the responsiveness, we really appreciate all the support.”

“Not only do we feel very invited into the conversation, but we know our feedback doesn’t fall on deaf ears. We’ve seen initiative and that our input matters,” added Jessica Paddock, Sr. Director of Recruiting at Unite Us.

Desteny echoes this saying, “Anytime I have a question, I get an answer within an hour or two and it’s been so helpful.” Praising their Customer Success Manager and Account Manager, she says, “This partnership would not look the way it does today if we didn’t have the support from these individuals.”

Hired has proven to be very powerful and it cuts through the noise. LinkedIn is so loaded and everyone's using it. Hired is a great way to get personal and direct. I really appreciate the intuitiveness of the system and the candidates’ response to it shows they're very interested and not feeling so bogged down with multiple outreaches.

Cameron Cooper

Cameron Cooper

Sr Technical Recruiter

Level up recruiting efforts with Hired

45+ hours saved per hire

90% average candidate response rate

35 average days to hire