Hired helps Intralinks quickly source sales candidates in a competitive market

Hired opened up a new avenue to find sales talent while keeping MediaRadar's recruiting and hiring team informed.
Hired helps Intralinks quickly source sales candidates in a competitive market

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The opportunity

Intralinks faced the universal challenge of hiring in a competitive market. Whether it was the slow pace of passive candidates on traditional platforms, a lack of talent, or the “blink and you’ll miss them” because a competitor moved more quickly, Intralinks was ready to adopt a more innovative solution to source Sales candidates efficiently.

Our mission is to innovate and enhance the value, speed, and confidentiality of secure dealmaking, driving success for our users. So we look for individuals who value being part of a team and thrive when working together toward a shared goal. Hired helps us find these high energy, goal-oriented individuals quickly and efficiently.

Deirdre Milewski, Talent Acquisition Partner, Intralinks | Hired Customer Success Story

Deirdre Milewski

Talent Acquisition Partner

How Hired helps

Hired opened up a whole new avenue to find sales talent while keeping the recruiting and hiring team informed through one user-friendly dashboard.

A customer support team dedicated to Intralinks keeps them apprised with data updates, guidance, and “a quick response to any questions,” adds Milewski.

With transparency on compensation from the beginning and insight into candidates’ preferences, it was easy to find prospective talent aligned with Intralinks’ culture and mission. With the right data and ability to personalize communications, Intralinks saw a 51% interview request acceptance rate, an 100% offer acceptance rate, and an average time to hire of 25 days.

With the ability to zero in on these matches of active, engaged talent, for every 6.8 candidates they spoke to, Intralinks confidently extended an offer. This helped Intralinks make five new hires in less than 10 months — four of them at the management level!

Level up recruiting efforts with Hired

45+ hours saved per hire

90% average candidate response rate

35 average days to hire