Excella engages underrepresented tech talent with rare skills quickly

With Hired, Excella has been able to expand its talent pipeline and build out diverse tech teams with a variety of backgrounds.

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Hired helps Excella beat the competition for top talent

Competition is a top challenge for Excella, so they need a hiring solution offering transparency and access to quality talent in niche areas. Hired checks the boxes. The platform empowers Excella to build strong relationships with candidates without any guesswork.

Excella’s Senior Recruiting Manager Brandon Muncy, says, “Going from a few competing offers to potentially five or 10 is what makes Hired such a great tool for us. In working with Hired’s Customer Success Team, we have insights into that.”

Primarily working with the federal government and their partners, it’s sometimes a challenge to identify candidates with certain levels of security clearance. Luckily, Hired enables Excella to filter by these and other qualifications. 

Sometimes, to find the best candidates for projects aligned with Excella’s core values and to increase diversity, the company supports candidates with securing specific clearance levels. As Brandon puts it, “We hire for Excella. We don’t hire for a specific contract.”

With Hired, Excella successfully sources software developers and builds teams with data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts who fit their needs and are actively looking for their next opportunity on Hired. 

Comparing Hired to other recruiting platforms, Brandon identifies the level of engagement with talent and the number of responses they receive as key differentiators. 

“Several members of my team receive responses 60 to 70% of the time – success you never see on LinkedIn.” Brandon names Hired the best hiring solution he’s used (and he’s been recruiting for 17+ years!). 

But Hired wouldn’t be as powerful without its own people. Brandon says, “The willingness of [Hired’s] team to work with mine – building out different searches and helping overcome obstacles – has been very valuable.”

I couldn't imagine doing our job without Hired. Percentage-wise, we get the engagement. It’s just bar none, the best of any recruiting solution I've had either at this company or throughout the last 17 years I've been recruiting. I think [Hired] accounted for 25% of our hires over the past year.

brandon muncy

Brandon Muncy

Senior Recruiting Manager

Excella diversifies their tech hiring pipeline with Hired

Excella’s goal is to meet candidates where they are individually and evaluate them based on what they know and bring to the table. They believe different talents and backgrounds make them better technologists. It’s the epitome of a “culture add” over a “culture fit.”

Thanks to Hired, Excella expanded its talent pipeline and built diverse tech teams. 

Hired helps employers diversify their pipelines with the click of a button – literally! “I like how you can click a little toggle button and have a non-biased hiring process,” says Brandon. With Hired, Excella fills its talent pipeline and increases its offer acceptance rate while keeping DEI hiring top of mind.

Level up recruiting efforts with Hired

45+ hours saved per hire

90% average candidate response rate

35 average days to hire