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Big Transitions in the Tech Industry Hired’s 2023 State of Software Engineers

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It’s been quite a year. Last March, this overview read, “the demand for software engineers is simply not slowing down. We’ve run out of ways to describe how much it’s increasing.” Then, as the market reacted to rising inflation, changes in consumer buying habits, and sales cycles, the layoffs began. It affected developers as well as related roles in talent acquisition, recruitment, marketing, project management, and more.

So what now? We’ve compiled and analyzed data from our platform looking at both the full year (2022) as well as comparing averages before and after the majority of layoffs began. We knew the yearly average couldn’t tell the whole story. We needed to look at where we were in the second half of the year to truly provide guidance on the state of software engineers going into 2023. We also surveyed engineering talent and employers to provide additional insights.

People in the tech industry are incredibly resilient, resourceful, and creative. We know it’s been tough for many but confidence remains. Software development remains a top career choice, and there are a lot of industries that need these skills, not just big tech companies. We’re here to support both hiring teams and tech talent as much as we can.

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Josh Brenner, Hired CEO

p.s. Updated data is available in the new series, Software Engineer Trends 2024.

Key Takeaways

Top Software Engineer Skills

Knocking Go to fourth place, Ruby on Rails surfaced as the most in-demand skill for software engineering roles, creating 1.64x more interview requests for the developers proficient in it.

For the full list of the top-ranking engineering skills, .

Remote vs Local Highest-Paying Markets

When studying the period between May and December 2022, the markets with the highest average salaries for remote engineers were:
  1. San Francisco Bay Area
  2. Seattle
  3. New York
For local roles, the markets were the same, but the salaries differ slightly.
  1. San Francisco Bay Area (same)
  2. Seattle ($6K less)
  3. New York ($7K less)

To learn more about the impact of layoffs on salaries and more, .

Webinar: March 15, 2023

Re-Engineering Your Tech Hiring Strategy in 2023: Hired's State of Software Engineers

Join Hired CTO Dave Walters and other industry experts for a discussion of the State of Software Engineers report and the current hiring landscape.

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Highest-paying Engineering Subroles

Natural Language Processing engineers saw the highest salary growth year over year, with a 10% increase. Bolstered by a hot crypto market early in 2022, Blockchain engineers commanded the second-highest salaries. Security engineers followed closely behind in third place.

To see more actual salary figures, .

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This report is based on proprietary data gathered and analyzed by Hired’s data science teams. For the purpose of this report, Hired examined software engineering candidate interview requests and salary data from January 2021 through December 2022 inclusive. The data included reflects over 68,500 candidates and 494,000 interview requests between companies and software engineers on Hired during this time period. 

In addition to our proprietary data, we collected survey responses from more than 1300 software engineers and 120 talent professionals and hiring managers on Hired’s marketplace to inform our understanding of engineers’ working preferences and the hiring climate.

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