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Teamable: The Supercharged CRM

Hired has partnered with Teamable to bring you a new solution for sourcing & engaging top talent, powered by AI

Innovative companies hire with Teamable


Passive talent pool with unparalleled people data, Chrome extension to pull in talent from elsewhere, inbound candidates aggregated, enriched, and ranked, and innovative referral technology to tap into your team’s network.

600M+ profiles across tech, sales, marketing, leadership, & more


AI ranking across channels, optimized recommendations driven by your sourcing activity, and custom filters to deliver tailored results.

40+ ATS integrations available


Personalized outreach, crafted by AI to drive up response rates, automated follow-ups to streamline engagement, and bi-directional ATS integrations to keep track of it all.

62% increase in interest with AI-powered messaging


User-level sourcing activity, DEI metrics, and candidate targeting stats to fine-tune hiring, compare benchmarks with similar companies, all powered by Looker and included at no additional cost.

lamp Fully customizable, powered by Looker

Teamable is straight-up amazing. So, so, so productive.

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The power of Hired lies in the fact that both parties—company and potential employee—are both equally serious about building the best companies.

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