2020 State of Wage Inequality Report


  • Year over year analysis on the distribution of wage inequality
  • A view of the wage gap by age group, industry and market
  • Steps to prevent wage inequality at your company

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About this Report

In our 4th annual Wage Inequality Report, we zero-in on wage inequality and a critical trend that is emerging: There is a clear correlation between the gender wage gap and what we have identified as the “Expectation Gap.” To further explain, salary expectations any candidate has for a given job are closely tied to the salary ultimately offered to them by a prospective employer.

At Hired, since we have unprecedented visibility into the hiring process, we’re able to analyze the salaries candidates expect on our marketplace, the salaries companies offer, and how that changes across geographies, age groups, roles, race and sexual orientation. Our data insights are based on more than 420,000 interview requests and tens of thousands of job offers facilitated through our marketplace of job seekers.

By sharing this data about the gender wage gap and sentiments about workplace inequities in today’s workforce, we aim to fuel thoughtful conversations between tech talent and companies striving to reach fair pay.