Going Remote

Best Practices for HR and Recruitment

Key Takeaways

  • Adopt a virtual hiring process, without sacrificing candidate experience
  • Onboard and welcome new employees in a fully remote setup
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with remote teams

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About this webinar

If you’re currently adapting your working arrangements in response to COVID-19, you’re not alone – we are too. For many of us, working remotely is a whole new ballgame and hiring and on-boarding remotely feels straight out of left field.

That’s why we’re turning to People Operations & Talent leaders from fully mote companies, Stack Overflow and InVision.

In this video they’ll explain everything you need to know about remote working, from hiring and on-boarding to managing a remote team.

Meet the Speakers

Hope Weatherford
Head of Talent Attraction
Melissa Bruno
VP of People
Stack Overflow
Ryan Malone
Founder & CEO
SmartBug Media
Will Alexander
Head of Customer Success