Improving time to hire:

How to secure top talent before your competition

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Improving time to hire has been top of mind for recruiters and HR teams for years now, but still causes headache for many talent professionals. Discovering, connecting, screening and coordinating your interviews all impact filling open roles efficiently, while still maintainign the quality of your candidates.

Recording this data is helpful when reporting on your KPIs, but does your team have the actionable steps to help your company save time, save money and hire top talent in a highly competitive marketplace?

Tune in for:

  • How to maintain candidate quality while reducing time to hire
  • Tips to save time sourcing candidates
  • Steps to organize and plan your interview loops more efficiently
  • Ways to clean up and shorten your internal recruiting processes
  • How to improve your long-term employer brand and candidate experience

Meet the Speakers

Rob Long
VP of Product Strategy, Workable

Rob currently helps companies hire better by understanding that fast-growing businesses and SMBs need intuitive recruiting workflows. Rob is currently VP of Product Strategy at Workable. He has ben at Workable for 4 years where he has helped shape it into an all-in-one recruiting solution trusted by over 6,000 companies. Before Workable, Rob was in recruiting for a number of years.

Brandon Styles
Enterprise Account Manager, Hired

Brandon is an Enterprise Account Manager at Hired where he helps technical recruiting teams hire top talent. As a former start-up recruiter and LinkedIn Relationship Manager, Brandon is also passionate about helping people find a job they love.