Grow Responsibly! Rapidly Scaling
Hiring Learnings

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You’ve worked hard to get your business to the point it’s at today and it’s exciting to see your customer base and revenues grow. But structuring your organization to scale while ensuring your Talent and People teams have the strategies and support they need to scale your internal team isn’t something you’ve accounted for.

Experts Kelli Dragovich, Senior Vice President of People at Hired and Will Blaze, Senior Technical Recruiter at Peloton join Ariana Moon, Senior Recruiter at Greenhouse to provide insights on growing responsibly.

Watch this video and learn how to:

  • Build a foundation for scalable growth
  • Address hiring needs to match company growth
  • Operationalize your core values
  • Source and interview top talent at high volume to maintain growth
  • Maintain company culture throughout the process

Meet the Speakers

Kelli Dragovich
SVP of People, Hired

As Hired's Senior Vice President of People, Kelli leads the team responsible for enabling Hired to rapidly grow and scale effectively. She's passionate about building a diverse, inclusive and authentic work environment for Hired's growing global workforce. Prior to Hired, Kelli was a Vice President of Human Resources for GitHub, and held senior Human Resource positions at Nook Media, RockYou!, Yahoo!, and Intuit.

Will Blaze
Senior Technical Recruiter, Peloton

Will Blaze has been a Senior Technical Recruiter with Peloton for the past two years, scaling the engineering team 4x in that time to 90+ engineers. Previously, he worked with Birchbox, and before that spent 5+ years in staffing, working clients both incredibly large and incredibly small. He enjoys riding his Peloton bike and long walks to the fridge (usually in the same order).

Ariana Moon
Senior Recruiter, Greenhouse

Ariana Moon is a Senior Recruiter at Greenhouse -- and a proud one at that! As one of Greenhouse's earliest People team members, she partners with hiring managers and executives across all teams to learn what they do and help them hire the best people. Outside of work, she dedicates her time to Latin dancing, fighting gravity via rock climbing, and searching for the world's best croissant (her favorite thus far resides in Rome, Italy.