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Per Scholas

Bootcamp/Coding School

Get the skills you need to grow your career in tech

Per Scholas is a national organization that has been advancing economic mobility for 25 years by preparing individuals, traditionally underrepresented in technology, for high-growth careers through no-cost training, no-cost exams and certifications.
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Courses offered

  • Software Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Other

Courses type

  • Full-Time Courses
  • Part-Time Courses

Present in

  • Remote
  • The Americas

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What is your mission?

At Per Scholas, we believe a thriving workforce starts with equitable access to education. Per Scholas envisions a technology workforce as diverse as the customers it serves. 16k+ graduates have launched successful careers in tech through our no-cost technical training. Our mission is to advance economic equity through rigorous training for tech careers and to connect skilled talent to leading businesses.

How is Per Scholas advancing equity?

At Per Scholas, we know that talent is ubiquitous, but opportunity is not. From the digital divide to racial wage gaps to the impact the pandemic has had on women in particular, significant challenges remain in order to achieve an equitable and inclusive workforce. That’s why we’re committed to increasing access and creating opportunities for individuals who aspire to work in tech, because the right career changes everything.

How is instruction designed?

We work directly with employers, large and small, to design rigorous, boot camp-style courses with an 85% graduation rate. Our tuition-free training combines business professional skills development with hands-on technical instruction for high demand jobs.

What courses do you offer?

We offer courses in: Cloud, Cybersecurity, Data Engineering, IT, and Software Engineering.

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