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Interview Kickstart is like a fitness coach to guide you to achieve your dream job.

Interview Kickstart is an interview prep school that has a proven method of helping experienced engineers get intimate with the basic fundamentals of their profession. The program covers every aspect of software engineering interviews – helping you land your dream offer.
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Who’s a fit for IK?

  • Software Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Other

How does IK offer courses?

  • Part-Time Courses
  • Other

Where does IK offer classes?

  • Remote
  • The Americas
  • Asia

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Which role are the programs helpful for?

The programs, at this point, are built for Developer and Engineering Manager roles. Specifically, roles focused on designing, coding, and testing software and managing the teams that do this. These roles span across multiple domains and go by different titles, e.g., Fullstack Engineer, Backend Engineer, Server Engineer, Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Platform Engineer, API Developer, Automation Engineer, Android Developer, Engineering Manager, and more.

What are the goals of your programs?

In no particular order: to shift your mind and put it into interview mode, present a broad overview of the most frequently used topics in software engineering that are also popular interview topics, make you confident of cracking difficult software engineering interviews, leave you with a sense of having learned something useful in your daily life as a software engineer, and leave you a better engineer than when you came in.

Is attending the pre-enrollment webinar mandatory?

Yes! The programs we offer are elaborate with a lot of activities. We want to make sure you hear about them from the horse’s mouth, clearly and completely, in the pre-enrollment webinar. The webinar is an interactive online session where you can meet one of our founders and directly ask questions (if any) so that there are no surprises later. The broad agenda is: Who we are, How do our programs work, How to get the most out of the program, What are the costs, How to enroll, Q&A.

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