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Premier US-based blockchain education company

BTA is the world leader in Blockchain training & certification, developing current and future professionals through education. Instructor-led Blockchain courses on Hyperledger, Ethereum, Architecture, and Security.
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What does Blockchain Training Alliance offer?

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How to BTA come to exist?

We started BTA in 2017 after realizing there was a global lack of formal blockchain education. Initially, we offered private team training to enterprises, like Microsoft, Cisco and Disney, but soon after we began developing online courses and bootcamps for individuals

Does BTA provide job placement for students?

Hired is BTA’s official job seeker partner! Create a free profile on Hired and let companies apply to interview you (with salary details upfront!). No resumes or no cover letters needed, just a streamlined way to connect with the right blockchain companies faster.

What is the demand for Blockchain skills?

Demand for Blockchain skills is growing at the second fastest rate of any IT skill set. According research from Upwork and LinkedIn reports it’s one of 2021’s most in-demand skills. The certifications below make for great additions to any Blockchain professional’s resume and may standout as an applicant for many desirable and high-paying blockchain jobs.

What are BTA’s offerings?

We offer Non-Technical and Developer Blockchain Bootcamps, On-Demand Non-Technical and Developer Classes, and many exam based certifications including Blockchain Business Foundations, Blockchain Project Manager, Blockchain Developer Ethereum, and more.

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